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Entrance Control System

The entrance and exit security management system is a new modern security management system. It integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern security management measures. It involves electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology and many other new technologies. It is an effective measure to solve the security management of important departments' entrances and exits. Applicable to a variety of confidential departments, such as banks, hotels, yard management, machine rooms, armory, confidential rooms, office rooms, intelligent communities, factories and so on.
Our access control system has the main purpose of preventing loss and preventing crime, so it has high reliability. The natural or quasi-natural properties of the product or system ensure the safety of the equipment, the operation of the system and the safety of the operator. Our system can prevent high temperature, low temperature, warmth, smoke, mold, rain, and can prevent radiation and electromagnetic interference (electromagnetic compatibility), anti-shock, anti-collision, anti-drop, etc. It also has functions such as fire prevention, lightning protection, explosion protection, and electric shock prevention. On the other hand, access control and security systems have the function of preventing human damage.
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