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How network camera amplifiers and splitters work

- Aug 27, 2018 -

When the video transmission distance is relatively long, it is better to use a video line with a thicker line diameter, and at the same time, a video amplifier can be added in the line to enhance the signal strength to achieve long-distance transmission. The video amplifier can enhance the brightness, chrominance and sync signal of the video, but the inter-line interference signal will also be amplified. In addition, too many video amplifiers cannot be connected in series in the loop, otherwise saturation will occur and the image will be distorted. One video signal can only correspond to one monitor or video recorder. If you want the image of one camera to be sent to multiple managers, you need to select the video distributor. The video splitter can be impedance matched and can also be video-gained so that the video signal can be sent to multiple output devices simultaneously without being affected.

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