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Monitor the function of the protective cover in the device

- Aug 27, 2018 -

The shield is an important component in the monitoring system. It is a protective device that makes the camera work normally in the presence of dust, rain, high and low temperatures. Protective covers are generally divided into two categories. One type is an indoor protective cover, which is simple in structure and inexpensive. Its main function is to prevent the camera from falling ash and have certain security protection effects, such as anti-theft and anti-destruction. The other type is an outdoor protective cover, which is generally an all-weather protective cover, that is, the camera installed in the protective cover can work normally regardless of wind, rain, snow, high temperature, low temperature and the like. Therefore, the protective cover has the functions of cooling, warming, rainproof, snowproof and the like. At the same time, in order to make the camera normally capture images in rainy and snowy weather, a controllable wiper is usually installed in front of the glass window of the all-weather protective cover. Currently, a better all-weather protective cover is a protective cover that uses a semiconductor device to warm and cool down. The shield is equipped with a semiconductor body that can be automatically heated or automatically cooled, and consumes less power.

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