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Monitoring equipment system advantages

- Aug 27, 2018 -

Advanced and inherited. The construction of the urban video surveillance engineering alarm networking system is impossible to abandon the original analog-based system. It is appropriate to include the original simulation system as much as possible under the premise of planning a fully digital system. The most ideal system is to make a seamless connection between the two to form a complete urban video image network monitoring. Performance price ratio. Designers should reasonably set system functions, properly perform system configuration and equipment selection. Under the premise of excellent key equipment grades, the overall price of the system is guaranteed to be low, which makes the system cost-effective. The camera selection at the front end of the system and the level of the back-end software should be the focus of attention. If the number of lines of the front-end camera is lower than 460 lines, the subsequent system is no good, and it is impossible to ensure that the system has clear image effects. Advanced features such as wide dynamic range are also required in some applications. Convenience in system upgrades and repairs. Due to the large scale of the system, the system software and core equipment should have automatic upgrade and maintenance functions. In addition, the urban monitoring and alarm networking system is composed of multiple complex systems, including network, storage, operating system, platform software, various front-end equipment, etc. Therefore, each subsystem is required to have a work log record, including system modules and core devices.

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