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The definition and function of the fingerprint machine

- Aug 27, 2018 -

The fingerprint machine is a kind of record attendance machine for modern commuting, which is very advanced compared to paper card and ID card attendance machine. When you go to work, you only need to gently press the fingerprint head of the fingerprint machine with your finger. After the punch is successful, you can record it. The best place to use the fingerprint machine is to eliminate the problem of forgetting to bring the card instead of punching the card. The fingerprint head of the modern fingerprint machine attendance machine has been improved a lot. The fingerprint head speed of less than 0.7S is very fast. The capacity of the general fingerprint machine is 8,000 records capacity is 80,000, but with the changes of the times I believe it will be bigger and bigger, more and more. Nowadays, there are many brands of fingerprint machines on the market, and the quality is also uneven. It is recommended to log in to the professional industry website to inquire about relevant information, download relevant attendance software, and compare more.Fingerprint recognition technology is a kind of biometric identification, and it is also the most mature and widely used one. The fingerprint machine is an application of fingerprint recognition technology.

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