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Network Camera HD IR

The Network Camera HD IR camera is a professional video surveillance camera for the surveillance field launched by the security industry. The MPEG4 encoding algorithm is usually used, and the high-end standard h.264 algorithm is used, and the recording resolution reaches 720P (1280*720) or 1080P (1920*1080). The megapixel network camera based on the standard H.264 Main Profile algorithm generally uses a 5 megapixel progressive scan image sensor to support high-definition analog output, and the resolution can reach 720 TVL broadcast-quality image quality.
Due to the standard H.264 compression, video files can be decoded using standard decoders, allowing playback of commonly used playback software. At the same bit rate, it has a picture quality that is multiplied by MPEG-4. Under the same picture quality, the code rate is only one-half of that of MPEG-4. Because the high-definition megapixel network camera is not only high-definition, but also easy to operate and easy to install, it greatly reduces engineering wiring and construction costs, allowing your CCTV network to extend indefinitely.
It performs multi-directional motion detection in the visible range, and has functions such as occlusion alarm and alarm linkage output. It uses a multi-level user rights management method. Each operator's permissions can be set to make the system more secure. The high-definition network camera can remotely monitor the mobile phone through wireless signals, and grasp the information of the monitored person anytime and anywhere.
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