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Network Video Recorder

The network video recorder has the data collected by the monitoring video head and transmitted to the video recorder. The video recorder collects the data and encodes it to generate an image. The network DVR is recorded by your personal needs, and the serial (most) hard disk is used to store the video. And it can achieve remote monitoring by registering a dynamic domain name when connecting to the network.
Video recorders are an indispensable device in CCTV surveillance systems. It can record the scene of the monitoring scene in real time and in real time, and can conveniently search and verify afterwards, providing important clues and evidence for case detection.
The network video recorder itself has a simple mechanical structure and uses a high-capacity hard disk with a high-precision package as a recording device. Therefore, you can implement all the functions of the traditional video tape recorder by simply inserting the image capture card into the computer expansion slot and matching the corresponding system software and application software.
Network video recorders are now widely used in various telecom operators, public security, transportation, power, environment, finance, education, government and other fields. With the development of networked, high-definition, and platform-based video surveillance systems, the use of NVRs is expanding.
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