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Introduction To The Camera Section Of The Monitoring Device

- Aug 27, 2018 -

The camera part is the front part of the TV monitoring system and is the "eye" of the entire system. It is placed at a location on the monitored site so that its field of view can cover the entire monitored area. Sometimes, the area to be monitored is large. In order to save the number of cameras used, simplify the transmission system and control and display system, an electric (remote-controllable) variable focal length (magnification) lens can be added to the camera to enable the camera to The distance of observation is farther and clearer. Sometimes the camera is mounted on the electric pan/tilt. Through the control of the console, the pan/tilt can be used to drive the camera to rotate horizontally and vertically, so that the angle and area of the camera can be covered. Big. In short, the camera, like the eyes of the entire system, turns the content it monitors into an image signal that is transmitted to the monitor on the control center.

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