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Simple Fixed Point Monitoring System

- Aug 27, 2018 -

The simplest fixed-point monitoring system is to place a fixed-point camera (camera with fixed-focus lens) on the monitoring site, and transmit the video signal to the monitor in the monitoring room through the coaxial cable. For example, a camera is placed at the gate of a small factory, and the video signal is transmitted to a monitor (or TV) in the factory office via a coaxial cable. The manager can see who is late for work or early leave. Whether the factory carries the items in the factory. If you configure another video recorder, you can also record the monitor screen for later retrieval and verification.

This simple fixed point monitoring system is suitable for a wide range of applications. When the number of cameras is large, it can be monitored by a multiplexer, screen splitter or system host. For example, a famous foreign-owned enterprise headquarters has lost high-end laptops several times. Later, fixed-point cameras were installed at all 12 outlets on each floor, and three four-screen splitters and 24-hour real-time video recorders were equipped. The above-mentioned theft phenomenon has been eliminated.

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