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The Basic Working Principle Of The Picture Splitter

- Aug 27, 2018 -

In a television monitoring system with multiple cameras, a video switcher is typically used to cause multiple images to be displayed alternately on a single monitor. However, in order to allow the monitor to see all the monitoring points at the same time, the multi-screen splitter is often used to display multiple images simultaneously on one monitor. When several multi-picture splitters are used, it is possible to simultaneously display multiple pictures transmitted by all cameras with the same number of monitors as the multi-picture splitter. In this way, the number of monitors is reduced, and the monitor can monitor the situation of each part at a glance. Commonly used picture splitters are four pictures, nine pictures, and sixteen pictures.

Image compression and digitization are used to compress several images onto the screen of a monitor at the same scale. Some also have a built-in sequence switch function, which can display the full-screen image input by each camera in turn on the monitor in sequence and interval (as in the case of switching the host to switch the screen), and can use the recorder as described above. The order and time interval are recorded. The interval is generally adjustable.

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