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The Main Technical Indicators Of The Video Switcher

- Aug 27, 2018 -

Switching ratio, this indicator refers to the number of input channels of the switch and the number of channels output after switching. If it is a video switcher in the form of a matrix, you can switch the scale by coding. If the switching ratio is fixed, generally used are "four choices one", "six choices one" and so on. Isolation: This indicator measures the degree of isolation between video signals and their output after switching, when multiple video signals are input to the switch. Generally expressed in decibels (dB), the higher the value of this indicator, the better. Differential Gain DG, Differential Phase DP The differential gain DG is the degree of distortion of the amplitude of the video signal output after switching and the signal before switching. The smaller the value of this indicator, the smaller the distortion.

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