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What Is IR Dome Network Camera

- Jan 19, 2019 -

IR dome network camera is the perfect combination of ordinary spherical high-speed pan/tilt technology and infrared night vision technology. It completely solves a series of historical problems such as high cost, low night vision effect, and reflective ball cover of ordinary spherical PTZ cameras that require ultra-low illumination integrated cameras (independent external infrared light sources). The ball machine is easy to install. The monitoring range is large and there is no monitoring dead angle. It is also possible to adjust the direction of the camera and monitor objects at different distances. It is an excellent product that is irreplaceable for ordinary infrared cameras and ordinary dome-type cameras. It is the future development trend of cameras. This infrared high-speed dome camera is now widely used in parks, schools, residential quarters, prisons, factories, government agencies, railway stations, bus stations, etc. It is to maintain social stability and protect people's property and life safety. Strong protection.

Patent structure design, compact and beautiful design, double bearing high-strength structure, low power consumption design, stable operation and low noise, imported large torque stepper motor design, accurate positioning, clever design, convenient installation and debugging. The infrared light and the magnification distance matching algorithm adjust the brightness of the infrared light according to the magnification and the distance to make the image reach an ideal state. It is equipped with multi-angle LED lights. The infrared lamps of different angles are automatically and intelligently adjusted according to the change of the viewing angle of the lens, effectively utilizing the infrared light source and prolonging the service life (the life of the infrared lamp reaches 30,000 hours), which perfectly solves the fogging phenomenon of the transparent cover and can adapt to different Climate. The infrared light rotates up and down with the pan/tilt, so that the camera can make full use of the light source to ensure that the field of view is always clear. The camera and infrared light source isolation system effectively solve the phenomenon of reflection when the infrared light is installed in the high speed ball. Acrylic optical dome cover, good light transmission, no deformation, waterproof and dustproof, but also achieve the best light transmission effect. The constant current-constant voltage circuit and the PWM pulse width modulation control circuit are designed to ensure that the infrared lamp can work stably for a long time. Level 10 lighting segmentation control effectively reduces temperature and solves the "flashlight" phenomenon. Independent MCU infrared control system, flexible setting of multiple infrared modes, remote upgrade of infrared system configuration. The ball is completely sealed, effectively avoiding the aging of components, and the waterproof rating is IP66.

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