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Vandal Proof Network Camera

The vandal proof webcam features high quality video/2 MP resolution and WDR. It is vandal resistant and has an HDMI output for public viewing monitors. This camera is connected via a wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n) or wired Ethernet. It is an independent recording solution. Unique technology can effectively record high quality video.
This type of webcam performs progressive scanning. It is shock-proof, moisture- and dust-proof, destroys detection and alarming performance, and has network-powered (PoE) power to provide powerful and flexible webcam applications. These products are ideal for transportation, such as high-speed rail, bus, train, etc.
The Vandal Proof Network Camera has a built-in housing and a tamper-proof base to ensure that the photographic rack is not damaged in a small space. In addition, it uses a flat design that is smaller than the palm, making it easier to install in the cabin. With this device, managers can watch real-time live images and monitor live sounds. When someone destroys a device, it also automatically alerts the network. It has intelligent monitoring function, no need for infrared alarm, and can be protected in real time for 24 hours. Therefore it is a vandal-proof safety monitoring system.
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